Our Operations

At Fer-Play, a railway engineering and consulting company, we provide you with our business expertise.


Diagnostics, external control, auditing, and project management support.

Technical Studies

Studies of price, sizing, design, encryption, feasibility assessments, written materials, graphics, diagnosis, and synthesis.

Project management 

Project management, planning, coordination, monitoring, quality assurance, risk analysis, and missions / tasks of general project management.

Work Management and Conduct

Work operations, supervision, consultations, logistics, interface management.

Maintenance Engineering 

Devising solutions for the sustainability or the infrastructure development through its particular and specific expertise, guaranteeing success for sensitive operations. 


Provides services from training facilities with qualified instructors who specialize in safety, railways, electrical signalling, catenary/overhead lines, and risk prevention.

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Our clients

We collaborate with major railway players, e.g. railway companies (SNCF, RATP, SFERIS, …), engineering companies (SYSTRA, EGISRAILS, SETEC, SCE, ARCADIS, …), and managerial agencies for transport (tramways, tourist railways, harbor, …).

Railway companies (RC)

Engineering companies

Territorial Authorities

Locations in France

Since 2010, our team of railway experts has been operating all throughout France on all types of projects, such as technical studies, project management, conducting work, maintenance, etc.
Whether it is for assistance with work or project management, consulting, engineering or training, FER-PLAY is your personal contact in meeting your needs.

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